Tamási Levendula

My name is Gulyás Imre, I am an agricultural producer. I completed my studies at the
University of Pannonia, Georgikon Faculty of Agriculture and I possess an advanced level
qualification in agriculture.
Together with our partner - HERBA HILL - Family Farm Tamási - our common goal is to
revoke the tradition of growing herbs in Hungary.

Our lavender farm was established in the southern part of Hungary, in a sunny area near
Tamási, a small settlement, which is located 40 km from Lake Balaton. We started planting
lavender in 2013. With hard work and persistence our main plantation currently stretches in
5.5 hectares with 80-100 thousands lavender stems. Besides there are six other land parcels
already in production, which means that altogether we harvest lavender intended for essential
oil on 11.5 hectares. We did further plantings in 2019, which means an additional 15 hectares
of lavender. With 26.5 hectares we have become the biggest producers in Hungary.

We grow one variety, the real, or in other words the French lavender (Lavendula
Angustifolia, Lavendula Officinalis). The reason of our choice besides its beauty is that this
variety provides one of the best quality oil. We also produce lavender oil and lavender water
in big quantities. Besides we produce eco beekeeping smoker pellet. For the first time in 2017
we expanded our business in the direction of tourism and organised an event, called Picnic on
the Lavender Fields.

On our farm the treatment of lavender is chemical-free, while meeting all the requirements of
bio-farming, which means that we avoid using both chemical fertilizers and insecticides. To
maintain our plantations we use the most modern machines and equipment besides proper

In the near future we intend to improve in the direction of oil distillation and the production of
lavender water by establishing our own distillery. Furthermore we would like to purchase a
lavender shredding machine and improve our herb packaging plant.